Introduction to Silver Arc Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.


  • The IT Box

    • Firewall/GW/UTM,

    • Directory Server (LDAP or MS Active Directory),

    • Any application that can run in a Virtual Machine (VM) including MS Windows based.

    • Developed using FOSS technologies – the Linux OS, Containers, Hyper-visors, python and shell scripts.

IT Solutions for the Small and Medium Enterprise

  1. The IT Box” provides a variety of IT Infrastructure applications in one hardware system. It leverages a variety of virtualization stacks such as Containers or full fledged Hyper-visors. It helps reduce hardware sprawl, energy consumption, deployment time and increase ROI. The application stack (appliances) is very flexible. It allows mix and match of appliances to meet the specific customers' requirements. Our Unique Selling Point (USP) about “The IT Box” – there is only a one time cost for purchase and the setup. The application supports unlimited number of users. The system hardware configuration (CPU, Memory, Storage) is engineered based on use case – number of users, storage requirement, individual application requirements.


    The “Core” applications are:

    1. Unified Threat Management / Firewall / Gateway / Proxy Server, Load Balancing and Fail Over with multiple WAN connections. Proxy Server (transparent / user authentication) with detailed usage reports. Access Control Lists (ACL) based on – groups, destination sites, Time of Day (ToD).

    2. Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity for individual clients and/or branch offices, Multisite Connections with: IPSec (L2) – over consumer grade Internet connection, openVPN (L3) – over consumer grade Internet connection, MPLS VPN – requires special setup at the ISP end and specialized routers at customer premise.

    3. Enterprise Directory Server – openLDAP or Samba 4 (Microsoft AD compatible), with primary/ secondary replication over the WAN. One Directory Service for both LAN and WAN user authentication. Secured Secondary directory servers on Public Cloud Service Providers (AWS, Rackspace, Digital Ocean) with synchronization with primary server on the LAN.

    4. Domain Name Service (DNS) and Dynamic Host Control (DHCP) server with redundancy (fail-over),

    5. Intrusion Detection and Prevention,

    6. Network and Host monitoring.


Additional applications on top of the “Core” applications:

    1. Email messaging – custom setup to allow only specific groups to send messages to external contacts, restrict outgoing attachments, Web UI access from anywhere, access with mobiles devices (Android, iOS).

    2. Instant Messaging (IM),

    3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM),

    4. Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) and other applications based on the enterprise's requirements.

    5. Your requirement is not mentioned here? Tell us about it and we can work out a solution.


  1. Migration of desktops to FOSS – similar to the City of Munich project3, reduce CapEx/OpEx (administration, HVAC cost with thin client desktop deployment).


  2. VoIP multi branch PBX with PSTN gateway – desktop soft phone with audio/video, two wire standard DTMF phones with VoIP adapter, off the shelf VoIP phones (audio/video), secure audio conference rooms and more.


  3. On premise “Private Cloud” – for institutions that are desirous of reducing costs in their data center. This solution is very effective for institutions that need to provide a varied computing platform in a cost effective manner – verticals Animation/VFX, Educational Institutions, Enterprise Application Deployment.


  4. Custom Enterprise Application Development:

    1. We can provide enterprise applications for manufacturing, service oriented companies,

    2. The applications can be fully custom (developed from ground up) or,

    3. Customization of ready/available solutions,

    4. Sample applications:

      e-commerce web sites (catalog, shopping cart, checkout, payment gateway, …), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Hotel Management, Hospital/Private Health Clinic Management, etc..



    1 90-100 days with internal storage. With additional storage, the recordings can be archived for longer periods.
    2 sh, bash, csh, ksh, awk, sed and more.

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